Hello... Let's Meet at the Sanderson

My friend Dianne touched down in London last week with only one real request of her visit: that we go somewhere where she could wear her newly-acquired Barney's dress.

Ahh, this is totally the type of demand I practically live to fulfill - you see, I unabashedly adore uber-sleek lounges with white, softly-lit interiors, outrageous furniture, and attentive staff - just the sort of places one wears a newly-acquired Barney's dress.

So (keeping the best for last) on her final night in town, I took Dianne to the Long Bar at the Sanderson hotel where we turned heads till 1am and then, practically on our way out the door, got roped into playing a round of pool on an antique and very purple table in the Sanderson's billiard room.

Below are just a few of the pictorial highlights! Enjoy!

Me with Dianne - in the Barney's dress!

A fab shot of Dianne in the lobby.

Me, getting a billiard pep talk before taking a shot.

"Hit it here!"

Dianne was better than I - actually made the ball "crack!" before knocking it into the pocket.

Rohit: "This ball is going right there!"

Rohit, taking his seat as the indisputable pool champ.