Russia: Kizhi Island

Kizhi is a wild and pristine and grassy little island floating on sea-like lake in the far far north of Russia. What draws people to this remote place is a unique church, made entirely of wood; an idyllic relic that completes the setting's refreshing and restorative atmosphere.

This church compound is considered one of the world's architectural wonders - not just for the ingenious use of lumber, but because it was constructed without a single nail.

The shingles' silver sheen is because of Aspen. Apparently the domes can also take on a pinkish tone when the season is right and there's a sufficiently overcast sky.

The intricately mixed artistry of this structure has the sense of an elegant jigsaw.

One cupola, barely visible, poking through the middle of the fence.

A view from the island's historic wooden manor. (Do you see the young boy enthusiastically swinging his arms near the water's edge?)

Kasey humoring me by standing in the doorway for an exterior shot of the manor's entry.

Cute girl in old-fashioned garb demonstrating the old-fashioned way to make tea on Kizhi island.

Expensive wood-carved toy with loads of personality - he just reeks of being fresh from an adventure in a children's picture book.

Impressive needlework done by hand.

Supposedly wearing a belt, like the one spilling out of the little purse hanging on this post, encircles a person with protection from . . . just general bad luck I guess.

Parting shot: a flawless summer day in picture-form.

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