little people in london

Immobile metal tourists...

They're still there... stuck on the railing... in the bottom right-hand of the picture...

"Okay? What am I looking at and why?" - you ask?

Well, by now, you've all heard of Banksy (click on that link if you haven't...), but I recently became aware of another "street artist" called Slinkachu (gracious... what a name), who I think is also quite brilliant in a ugh-now-why-didn't-*I*-think-of-that? kind-of-way. He sets up miniature figure installations all over London, photographs them, and then lets them be... often to never be seen again.

Can you imagine coming across one of these planted figures?

I'd be certain (or maybe just wishful) that some mischievous elves had been at work... and too-delighted.

Although some of them are rather poignant and say quite a bit about our rush-around narcissistic society:

Here's just another street musician in Covent Garden...

...going unnoticed.

And the worst...

Go look at out Slinkachu's Little People blog for more - each one strikes a slightly different chord... and there really were far too many to choose from.


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