"when the wind blows..."

I think I was about the only one who saw the movie Moonlight Mile a few years ago. It's a beautiful film, and the fact that I've watched it dozens of times over the years and still manage to take something away from it only confirms this.

I put it on to while away some time in bed the other day and have been caught up in the haunting Vietnam-era soundtrack ever since. I've always been nostalgic for eras that were never mine, but these songs all stir up such a mood. The one that I especially can't get out my head is this ballad by the Rolling Stones, which the movie lifted as its title, "Moonlight Mile."



Anonymous said...

Happy thanks giving, from the unlucky Irish

ms. nožisková said...

thank you, and you know, i'm quite certain the irish are lucky... we all have our own gifts of thanks!