the trouble with insomnia

"The armored cars of dreams, contrived to let us do so many a dangerous thing."
- Elizabeth Bishop

i'm up till 5 & 6 am these days... i can't sleep, i can't sleep...

i know what the root of the problem is - my third eye won't close since there's another place it'd rather be confronting its dangers - on a computer screen, or a piece of paper - its been pining away for those white dreamscapes now for too long. i must. resolve. to write.

the photo is by ballestreros + marot.


Anonymous said...

I too carry the dark passenger of insomnia. Sometimes a curse sometimes a gift, much are the same feelings of my own life. Perhaps this will help tingle the mind and ease it to sleep. The feelings of comfort from the shadows turns slowly to feelings of betrayal, shadows make bad friends when your mind needs company

I face the wall and see them all, shadow friends big and small, they join me here for this last call.


ms. nožisková said...

"shadows make bad friends when your mind needs company" - i think that's my favourite part....

though i think my insomnia is at its worst when my mind knows i've been shirking in life - not giving my all to one part or another... "how can you possibly rest?" it says, "there is much to do and you have tended to nothing -certainly not anointed fervid sweat into the most important parts"

work undone. life daydreamed or slept away - that is a shadow that threatens to take over & stetch into enternity