Marie Antoinette

Kasey recently styled a fashion shoot using Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun as her inspiration - a woman who styled Marie Antoinette's portraits and survived the French Revolution to tell about it (and go on to style other aristos, albeit across the Channel).

I'm really not much of a model, but thanks to my newly whitened, appropriate-to-the-era hair color, she enlisted me as her subject. Enjoy.


Teteiya said...

Don't be overmodest! You've done a really good job. I like the pictures especially the last three. Those white leaves look as if they've been cut out. Beautiful.

anne spice said...


I wish I read/spoke German!

Thanks for the props. Modesty aside, I'll leave modeling to the professionals - costume changes out in the open, pretending you don't mind that it's freezing cold and you're in an uncomfortable position. Ah! All for the sake of the art!

Teteiya said...

Thanks for your answer.

To make you feel better, my headings are often more meaningful than the text underneath. You're not missing much.

Concerning your modeling career:
Don't freeze to death! I enjoy reading your blog. It's pretty inspiring.

anne spice said...


Your comment made my day! 'Inspiring' is one of those beautiful intangibles you can't actually aim for - the very contrivance of the attempt ruins it. You just have to do what you know how to do . . . and as you stumble along . . . hope that maybe . . . somewhere . . . as a small extra reward from the universe . . . someone else is getting something out it. So thank you. I'm glad you do.

And: headings more meaningful? Now who's being modest?

Teteiya said...

Thanks for unintentionally inciting my imagination.
I'll continue reading your blog and drop you a line once in a while.


Stephen said...

Greetings from the other side of the world W.

Lovely pictures-you look great.

I've been reading your blogging adventures for a little while now(you are quite the writer!).

Anyhoo, drop me a line at
I want to know how you're doing!