The Red Sea

Cairo's summers are plagued by such extreme temperatures that most of the city's privileged class flee the heat and find deliverance on the sandy edges of the Red Sea. Kasey, Bosaina, and I endured the swelter of Cairo for a day and a half before Bosaina, our lovely Egyptian hostess, insisted we join the exodus.

Since departure times aren't exactly guaranteed in Egypt, Bosaina got us up very very early so that we wait around for a very very long time for our flight to Hurghada. When we finally boarded the plane, Kasey and I immediately pulled out our flight nap gear - standard procedure for us, but Bosaina thought it was hilarious.

Should we decide we'd like to drive back to Cairo...

A glimpse of the Red Sea from Bosaina's cousin's backyard.

Sunshine girls, Kasey and Bosaina, taking a break in the shade.

Me with Egypt's accessory de rigueur . . . even on the beach.

Ha! Evidence of globalization: a margarita, pizza, and a hookah pipe on a lounge chair.

Waiting for our turn on the "molecule," a off-balance inflated tube pulled by a speed boat. Supposedly kid stuff, but we were traumatized by the harrowing ride that finished when we were flung into the painfully salty water.

Arabian Nights.

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