Unearthing Egypt

I know my foray into Egypt was months back, but I promised I'd eventually share a few bits and pieces of the trip with you, and that day has arrived! Consider these memories from the barely bearable heat of the Giza pyramids as a way of adding some warmth to your day as we plunge into the frigid temperatures of deep fall.

Um, how do you say, "I'd like one ticket please" in Arabic? Thankfully! Bosaina knows!

Yoshi tangling with the temperamental camel Kasey has been assigned to ride.

Yep, just Kasey and me. In Egypt. In front of pyramids. On camels - named Moses and Michael Jackson (the temperamental one).

Young Mohammad: "I have to lead you two?"

Me waiting for my camel to go from kneeling to standing position - perhaps the roughest part of the ride!

Kasey "leaning back" per instruction, as we head downhill . . .

Bosaina opted for the chariot.

A younger, far-more-expert young camel rider in front of a Giza pyramid.

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