St. Pat's Toll House Cookies

When I originally set out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by way of confection, my plan was to roll out loads of sugar cookie dough, cut out dozens of floury four-leaf clovers, and coat them all with electric green frosting.

But when it came time to actually doing the baking, I really really longed for that subtly salty-sweet concoction punctuated with bittersweet chocolate chunks known as Toll House cookies over a sweet homage to butter and confectioners sugar.

So, in what I thought was a deft compromise to satisfy both my craving and the holiday's color scheme, I decided to dye the dough green. And without even realizing the appropriateness, I'd picked up one of Green and Black's ginger and dark chocolate bars to chop up and mix into the batter.

The result was something that looked suspiciously like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the results, the final product only hinted at its inspiration and didn't really live up to "Green and Black" effect I'd been hoping for - but at least with one of these in hand, even if you aren't wearing green, you can make an argument against being pinched.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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