Returning the Favor: Lime Sugar Cookies

I've always liked the idea of returning borrowed kitchenware, not just washed, but bearing something homemade. Such a gesture really seems to acknowledge the generosity that brought the item into your possession in the first place. The lender was probably just hoping to see their worn out cake pan again, an event that would make them happy in and of itself, but to return the boring cake pan transformed into something that produces an exclamation of delight - now that's pure magic! I adore the thought!

I left Kasey's flat last week, after a scrumptious Easter Feast, carrying containers filled with delectable braised greens and spicy black pepper yam chips. I thought the soon-to-be-empty vessels seemed the perfect excuse to let her know how valued the bevy of vases filled with unique pastel flowers and the multi-course spring-themed banquet (all testaments to the lavish level of her hostessing efforts) had been.

Kasey finally got her Tupperware back yesterday with Lime Sugar Cookies tucked inside (chosen for the springy color palette as well as with the anticipation of warm weather in mind). These particular cookies are delicately light and vigorously citrusy, but still rich and creamy and sweet - a more than worthy opponent against hard-to-beat chocolate.

I found the cookie recipe at the Technicolor Kitchen, but I think what took my cookies to the next level of refreshing citrus lusciousness was my addition of a lime butter cream frosting. Sure... you can just do plain old lime sugar cookies... but aren't sugar cookies all about the frosting anyway?

Anne Spice's Lime Frosting

8 T. Butter (room temperature)
4 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar
Juice of 1 Lime
2 tsp. vanilla extract
3 T. semi-skimmed milk (more or less to produce desired consistency)
A few drops green food coloring!

Cream sugar and butter together. Add lime juice and vanilla. Mix till smooth. Then add milk to produce desired frosting thickness (I like mine a little thin for sugar cookies - makes it easier to spread).

Frost and garnish cookies with shreds of lime zest. Voila!

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