Monday Night at The Big Chill

Two of my friends were visiting from Portland, Oregon (USA!) this week. Their visit highlighted the major downside of London - its early closing time! As I'm not a member of any of the West End's private clubs (nor, alas, of the east's Shoreditch House), which is where you really find the crowds at 3 am, it proved a challenge to keep these guys entertained past midnight on a weeknight. This is a reality of London that's really just sad given the great late-night venues I'm well-aware these Oregonians have at their disposal.

The snapshots below are of us in a very empty Big Chill off of Brick Lane on a Monday night.

Sean striking a contemplative pose.

Justin looks serious, and slightly bemused.

Kasey, indulging the camera with a detached stance and a soft smile.

Me, laughing. (And blurry because I'm the only one who can make photos turn out with my camera's no-flash low-light setting).

Finally, Justin and Sean, not at the Big Chill, but duking it out via electric guitar at a three-story arcade in Piccadilly on a Tuesday. Perhaps it's open late, but the flashing fluorescents and cacophony of gaming sounds made it seem like an indoor version of the circus outside without the people - a bit like inhabiting an overgrown pinball machine. We weren't overly keen to stay!

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