"Unsettling Tendency"

I swear, I never used to cry. But lately, the slightest of things is sending tears streaming down my face.

It is very strange.

A phase?

I do hope. (Sort of)

[P.S. The image above is by the artist Rafal Olbinski - one of my favourite Surrealists. Don't know the title of the above piece, but my blog post title is a reference to another one of his works: "Unsettling Tendency to See the World As it Is."]


Bob said...

I would title it Mother Nature

anne spice said...
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anne spice said...

oh, is that all? just me being folded up into the way of things? nothing that should lead me to pause or to worry...simply life taking its course.

ahh. i like it. i feel so much better.