Barcelona: Ciudad de Arts

Picasso's version of Velázquez's Las Meninas as seen inside the Picasso museum. It actually reminds me quite a bit of my favorite Pollock at the MoMA... oh... I could stare for hours.

Everywhere you go in this city: music. And not some half-wit musician strumming bad versions of the Eagles or the like on his guitar. No, I'm talking proper Baroque with instruments rarely seen out of concert halls. Imagine a bit of Vivaldi in your head as you stroll among the following mere handful of sculptures to be stumbled upon in this city. It will help set the mood. Enjoy!

BCN's version of London's Gherkin. (Designed by the same guy... I mean, naturally...)



And Miro!

(I actually didn't realize my sculptural pics were all creatures of sorts till just now... Hmm.)

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