The Age of the Lion

"You know," he said, "in a month it will be ten years since I first met you."

I blinked.

A decade ago?

Could it really be true?

That I'm old enough to know people I didn't know ten years ago?


Meghan said...

Hard to believe, isn't it? You and I are going on 7 years....

whitney noziskova said...

Meghan! I owe you an email my dear... like, seven months ago!!! A nice proper long one with multiple paragraphs containing multiple sentences.

Wow... seven years. But then, strangely, it's also hard to believe it's only been six years since I lived in Boston. Hmm.

This is why we hail Einstein as a genius.

Meghan said...

Yes, I want a nice long email with multiple paragraphs telling me all about what is going on with you!

....and then I'll return your email with multiple paragraphs as well. deal?

anne spice said...

meg - sent a 10+ MB email your way... am getting paranoid that you didn't get it! let me know! x