**snow** *post*

A few majestic snow pictures before we get too far away from winter and my trip home and they entirely lose their relevance. The snowy mountains are, by far, my favourite thing about Utah... these were all taken at Sundance - the ski resort on the backside of the mountain where I grew up. Enjoy!

I almost died on this run once!

Snowboards overlooking my valley.

Dining, literally, on the edge of the world.

Frozen cascades of waterfalls.

Kasey and my Dad - at the summit.

Field of poles.

Taken in a brief pause before traversing the darkened woods.

And here's the Wasatch Mountain range from above... as seen from the plane on my way back to London.

But what to wondering eyes should appear! Lo and behold, the day I arrive in London, there was a Utah-worthy blanket of snow awaiting me; black cabs were slipping around on the icy streets... and I saw people clearing off their walks with garden shovels - Londoners are woefully prepared for snow!

Nevertheless, every London household didn't miss their once-in-a-lifetime chance to make snowmen! The quickly-melting, well-dressed, mounds were everywhere!

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