pretty little ditties

While for most of us it's Fall '09, for the fashion crowd it's already Spring/Summer 2010. That's right, we're in the midst of another LFW.

It's been an interesting (and shorter) season. The recession is definitely taking its toll. People who were paid last season, aren't seeing a penny this year (but still working, of course). The gift bags are sparser. The champagne is running out quicker. But ah well... we're all here for the clothes - right?

That said, I rather enjoyed this creepy-dreamy live "puppet show" by Steve J & Yoni P. We stared at the puppets, they stared right back at us, while ethereal harp music scored our unspoken exchange. It was haunting, unsettling, gorgeous. It's hard to capture the full effect without the melodic trance-inducing lullabies, but here's my best go.


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