t'entends (sounds like 'tone tone' to me...)

"T'entends" essentially means "capeesh" in French - and that became our (Guillaume, Antoine, Cami, me) theme for a recent night out - t'entends?

While my crew had been planning to party all along, for me, the evening started with a bad date. Have to say, there's nothing quite like coming home after another off-putting man experience to a revelry going on at your own house and then getting dragged out by your flatmate/pseudo-bro for a slightly whacked all-night extravaganza on the club circuit. Boujis, Kitts, getting lost, a failed attempt a house party, getting lost, random Brazilian place, home at dawn. Not bad for a night that started at a terrible vegetarian restaurant and a guy obsessed with sports - bleah.

Antoine firmly scolded and fended off ANY other man who approached me - I kinda like this guy!

Two empty ice buckets - never a good sign.

Following a failed cab ride and too much walking... hotwiring our ride home. 'Night.

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