Drink Lilac Money Orange

As in, drink your lilac-colored money, till it's turned orange. Whatever that means to you. It has an abundance of meanings to me. And I thought it would be an appropriate title for this photo montage of the afternoon I spent at Borough's Market near London Bridge. Enjoy.

The bread man.

Still-life inspiring produce.

My kind of delights!

I mean, vegan chocolate hearts? Am I the only one ecstatic at coming across this booth?

A vendor selling nearly everything you could ever want that comes in a bottle.

This shop won't even let you sit for a cup of tea if you're not going to indulge in one of their sweets.

A feast of jam and butter.

Looking out at Boroughs . . . the perch where the shopping excursion ended.


Bob said...

2 pounds for an energy Ball? Why in my day they were only 10 pense

anne spice said...

Why, Bob, I'd have never taken you for a spirulina fan . . .

Yes, the inflation is a tragedy, especially considering that with the current exchange rate, it's more like 4 dollars a hit.