Last Glance at My Native Expanse

This is the valley I've been looking down into since I was a child. Especially then, I could stare at this view from early evening well into the dark night, mesmerized by the dots of light symbolizing life that would appear; great masses of energy, each one representing, what I thought at the time, were surely millions of lives, rushing about, or merely existing, causing such a stir of twinkling over the landscape in doing so.

Given that I leave tomorrow for parts unknown, and my proclivity for wanderlust in general, it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but I never once wondered what lay beyond this horizon. I was too busy contemplating everything that came before it.

Nothing has changed in this respect. When I glanced outside tonight and saw the fuzzy oranges and pools of blue start to graze the mountains, I breathed a joyous sigh. For a few marvelous minutes, none of my thoughts strayed beyond the view at hand.

When the moment passed, a smile befell my lips and glinted my eyes. And I thanked my life-filled valley for such a beautifully suitable going-away present.

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