Sushi Nouveau and Clubbing Cuckoo

Maybe it was the good karma that comes with an upcoming birthday (Kasey's is Monday), but my sister and her roommates had an unusual number of genuinely attractive possibilities penciled in on their social calendar for Friday night. But after they fielded an invitation that included a dinner reservation at Nobu, there was little need to consider doing anything else.

Apparently, even fashionistas find less allure in the final parties of London Fashion Week when an offer for some succulent sushi is, quite literally, on the table.

From the world of Nobu's low-lit ambiance, we were whisked off to the flashy scene of Cuckoo.

Club on! (Corina was especially enthusiastic).

Of course, anywhere there's dancing, you're sure to find me in the crowd.

Kasey and Marilyn: the perpetually voguing jesters.

Awww, sisterly love.

Our group was all about dancing on the chairs (they're more challenging than tables).

A view during my turn at chair dancing.

Corina presents fire on ice.

You always know just how swish your locale is when you spot the Voss water.

My Hunter S. Thompson photo.

The last poses before our departure.

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