The Boho Diem

Since my sister, Kasey, and I dream of having a company that exalts the bohemian lifestyle, we've decided to make a more conscious effort to live what we intend to preach. After all, authenticity is central to a bohemian's beliefs.

We arrived at this conclusion while sipping sweet mint tea on the floor of a Moroccan lounge, and right there, over the humous, we resolved to start noting our bohemian behaviors and relaying them to one another - just to keep ourselves in-line. These random acts of bohoness will also often be written up here, so you'll get more insight into unconventional life of the singular Anne Spice.

From our water-pipe-filled watering hole, we headed straightaway to procure a french press - the first official nod to our commitment. And since I'd spent half an hour earlier that day meditating at a place called InnerSpace, I figured that counted too. This Magritte-like picture illustrates the inaugural "boho diem," henceforward, "bohodiem," rather nicely.

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