As Seen in Brooklyn

A tree does grow in Brooklyn!

I visited the NYC borough for the first time over the weekend, and while I won't be forsaking London for this up-and-coming neighborhood anytime soon, the following sites did catch my fancy. Enjoy!

The future site of the Anne Spice store?

Well, maybe, but right now it's a strange little "anti-perfume" gallery selling the scents of life.

Some of the smells are showcased next to objects that inspired them. And beside each little bottle is a lovely poetic verse describing its fragrant contents.

Next to "Winter 1972" it says:

Winter is a quiet time to watch the stars
And have hope

This scent contains the smells of new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens, ice covered forest and the frozen scent of sleeping spring . . .

I tried so desperately to capture this . . . imagine, hundreds of those Styrofoam packing chips swirling in the wind.

It was magical (even though it was garbage).

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