Was Tom a Fool?

I live near this little hole-in-the-wall passageway called Tom Thumb's Arch, which doesn't look like it could accommodate someone much taller than my short self, and beckons cheerfully at night with a spectrum of primary colors glowing from inside.

And I smile every time I walk through it, because it makes me feel like a storybook character, or like I'm participating in a nursery rhyme.

Anyway, I just though you should know.

Happy April Fool's Day!

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the little owl said...

Is this Whitney? :) Rach said we were staying "on Whitney's floor... or some other place" so I'm not even sure where we're staying!

But, yes... the yarn store is called Loop... uh, the website is: http://www.loopshop.gb.com/

As far as other things... GONE WITH THE WIND is in previews in the West End, and I have been thinking of seeing if I can get a ticket. I would love to have high tea somewhere fantastic... and just general London stuff - I always prefer to see a city from a local's perspective. Not much into super touristy things. I just can't wait to be there!!