Beating Procrastination with Procrastination

This sign is hanging above my fashion-designer-in-the-making friend Corina's dining-turned-work-table. (The girl last seen early this morning frantically constructing an intricate garment with the hope that she would have enough energy left to sprint with her project to class - and maybe even have enough time to take a shower beforehand ...).

Her ADD-riddled motivational poster shouted at me with pitch-perfect timbre... After all, I've got my own tight project deadlines breathing down my neck. (Plus, I thought it an appropriate sort of mantra to hang over the workbench of one's life just in general).

And yet, temptations to fritter time prevail ... as could potentially even be evidenced by this very blog post.

Yeesh! Get on with it Anne Spice! NO TIME! Start! Start! START!

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