Bon Keepsakes

Now that I'm knee-deep in projects and deadlines, and generally lacking in fundage, isn't it nice that I have wonderful friends who adore travel as much as I do - and while roving, sometimes pause to think of bringing me back a memento.

The decorative box of delectable macaroons from Paris' Ladurée (pictured above) was given to me by my friend Rachel who was visiting from New York. Mid-point through her UK-visit she took the quick Eurostar trip through the Chunnel to France where she could gasp at its architecture, and cafe scene, and pastries (Oh! Lucky girl! The pastries!).

Now, never you mind that this particular lavender-embellished gift box of salted caramel (not pictured - they were all eaten!) and raspberry macaroons wasn't actually purchased during her French excursion - rather stumbled upon and procured near Piccadilly Circus here in London - given my overwhelming busyness et al., getting to the Ladurée's Burlington Arcade somewhere off Regent Street is pretty much on par with sojourning to France . . . so it really is the Parisian thought that counts!

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