fashion beat a la 'sestra nožisková'

Behold... Kasey's first video creation. This will give you a more, well, moving picture of London Fashion Week than what I normally provide. It is also the first of many such solo and collaborative creations we plan to deliver. Welcome to sestra nožisková. Enjoy!

P.S. This mini-film premiered on our friend Stefan's site Not Just a Label and is also where you can find Kasey's article on the latest exhibit at The Welcome Collection, Dressing Up Calamity.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your sis appreciates the shout-out....but for better viewing, I highly recommend watching it on You Tube.The FerrisWheelBohemia version cuts half of the screen off.

anne spice said...

hmmm... strange, I swear it doesn't do that on my computer... but I'm far from the most technical of people! thanks for the tip! x