thing 1 and thing 2

Step right up folks! Presenting... zeeee trailer!

That's right, at last, a preview snippet of that film I've incessantly been going on about; the short that will eventually (post-festival season) be revealed to you in-full.

For now, please have a look at the mini trailers I threw together. The first is the 'real-deal,' but I kind of like the flow of the second one better. Unfortunately, the sound levels for the music on the second one are out-of-whack, and, somehow, I didn't manage to save it, so instead of just fixing the sound, I ended up working against the clock to re-cut the whole thing. Ahhh...some things never change...


P.S. In case you're a bit confused as to what the short is about... this is how it's being described:

East meets west in this stylized character-piece documentary featuring the stream-of-conscious thoughts of a quirky young Indian man who has moved to London. His monologue brims with honesty and humour as he touches upon some of life’s biggest issues: identity, change, love, work, religion and, of course, success.

This documentary turns the oft-referenced “one billion plus people” analogous with India on its head by spotlighting just one of the subcontinent's citizens. This approach lends singularity and humanity to the abstract and populous concept of “India” rather than delivering yet another portrayal of the country’s population en masse.

A high-level of visual aesthetic is used to underscore this man's unique individuality, yet the ending nonetheless surprises the audience by highlighting the fact that he should not simply be viewed as India in microcosm, but a microcosm of the human race.

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