what it feels like to be alone...

it's 8:30 am
i've been up for over 24 hours
i'm stuck in a white warehouse-looking room with a space heater
i just missed my sister leaving to the airport for the states from my house an hour away
she has my house keys
she has my phone
the computer says it's out of space when i try to create a 'self-contained' movie
i've spent hours looking at this jumping blue icon that's supposed to create dvd's "so easily...click and drop!" - according to everyone - but can't get past its chipper suggestions for how i can create a dvd menu
cannes is due in 3 1/2 hours
at the fed ex station an hour away
i have no way of getting in contact with anyone
and i've probably been crying nonstop for the past four hours
i'm seriously going to have a nervous breakdown


Bob said...

You want a job? One of our reporters is off to Atlanta

anne spice said...

Thank you, Bob. Your proposal was a ray of light to be mused upon...

I'd be lying if I didn't say I actually considered the idea... (hmmm... me back in Mass again... running around as a reporter...) but I simply couldn't bear to leave London - I've worked too hard to legitimately be here! I'd be miserably homesick without my sprawling city. And, as you well know, news and I never actually got along very well.

So... I shall stick to pursuing my own vision of creating media and continue taking on whatever random paid projects come my way (and they do!)

As for the pleading post... you'll never believe - the film made it to Cannes!

Dianne said...

So I check your blog religiously, but this post dated the 19th is just now showing up for me. Bluh. I'm sorry about the drama, but I'm so so happy that you were able to submit the film on time! A long, ridiculously overdue email for you is in the works. . . .

anne spice said...
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anne spice said...

dianne - ha... i wondered.... your response to my cannes email seemed a bit flip considering. but no worries, i just figured you'd been busy! i look forward to any and all emails - long overdue or otherwise! xxx