"How Much Is That Doggy . . .?"

When I lived in San Francisco a couple years ago, Anthropologie joined with the SPCA animal shelter for a holiday pet adoption promotion. The sight of furry kittens in the window pawing each other amid paper snowflakes made for face-against-the-glass holiday displays.

So when I saw this little brown dog running about Anthropologie unattended, my initial thought was that the pup was what remained of this year's holiday adoption; somehow she'd strayed from her display right into January. Upon her discovery, I could imagine the employees pleading with their corporate manager like little children, "pleeeaasseee, can't we keep her?"

After all, having a store pet seems very Anthropologie-ish. So long as as the pet was sufficiently nostalgic and woolly and well-mannered - which this dog was. Perhaps, I thought, Anthropologie was even issuing stores animals that seem to embody its bygone-era shtick.

Alas, none of the myriad of interesting possibilities turned out to be the case. Though she was very busy sniffing around the sales, Tiny (yes, that's the dog's actual name) herself was not for sale. She was going home in a large straw bag on the shoulder of just the sort of shiny, put-together woman who carries her dog around in a bag (and who thought I was rather odd for following her dog around with a camera).

And it was upon learning this that I wondered, what must shopping be like for a dog? And does she hate it as much as I do?

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