Pick-Up Lines Get Creative

"Would you like to come live on our communal farm in the Catskills?"

Okay, so in fairness, this was not the first thing Vince and Alex said to Dianne and me when they first sat down next us. That question came later in the conversation, but what a memorable opening line it would have been.

Instead, Vince (right, advertiser for Jimmy Buffet) and Alex (left, painter, as in arteeest, who speaks with a French accent despite spending all but five of his formative years in Virgina) simply asked if they could sit down, offering as an their opener: "there's two of you and two of us." So there was.

But Vince and Alex turned out to be fun, entertaining company.

Alex taught us some new camera techniques.

Ahhh, you'd never guess that Vince and Dianne were anything other than a seasoned couple.

And then they brought up the Upstate New York kibbutz. We could go in on a huge farm for a mere million with them and two other couples. We would farm, create, and have late-night discussions about philosophy, art, and the meaning of life.

Dianne said no. I said I'd think about it.

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