Paris Photographed (Details)

Ubiquitous ironwork and flowers = quintessential Paris in the springtime.

I'm obsessed with fantastic doors.

Intricate knobs are just a bonus.

No, it's not French, but Caprese salad is every vegetarian's best friend when traveling abroad.

Cute little mustard pot.

Possibly the worst-made crepes ever. After the guy manning the cart ruined the first two, I wanted to grab the wooden stick out of his hand and show him how to properly spread the batter on the griddle. I'm convinced this is what made me slightly ill the next day.

A cup of notoriously expensive cafe au lait. (Four and half euros, to be exact, I believe).

Parisian cafe by night.

I'm all for fanciful brioche, but La Tour Eiffel reduced to a baguette? Hmm.

Top of a picturesque carousel.

And the actual carousel.

Soap, as seen in my hotel room.

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