Paris Photographed I

I think this was the only time I will ever be able to justify eating a buttery croissants aux amandes (essentially, flaky pastry with creamy almond filling and chunks of chocolate) for breakfast.

I was fresh off the Eurostar, it was my first visit to France, my birthday was the next day, and I had just climbed a hill to the top of butte Montmarte, the highest point in Paris (as made apparent by the view seen below). I doubt the stars will ever align in such a way again.

Details of the Sacre Coeur (the reason so many people are milling about at butte Monmarte's summit).

Gargoyle (look closely).

The Basilica's entry.

I couldn't have directed these people, sitting on the lawn in front of the Basilica, to dress or situate themselves more perfectly.

Post-descent (I came up the back way). Finally, the wide-shot of the Basilica Sacre Couer I know you've been dying to see.

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