Paris Photographed (Streets)

As seen on the stroll to the top of Montmartre.

The famous Cafe Poulbot.

This street runs right into a marvelous park.

The iron work and flowers turned out to be a tell tale sign of what was ahead.

Just some shops with aesthetic that caught my fancy.

Plats du jour? Vin du moment? So absolutely symmetrical. Love it!

Presenting, Rue Foucault (as in Michel Foucault, the philosopher often associated with the relativism of truth) and a picture of the actual Rue Foucault - an appropriately postmodern street that literally goes nowhere! Ha! My sense of humor is downright nerdy at times . . .

A picture of a cafe where I dined, and motorcyclists staring quizzically at this photographer, who paced back an forth across the street multiple times, trying to decide if I should eat there . . . and then, if I should take a photo . . .

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