To Market, To Market

Behold, the salads Kasey and I took to the Broadway Market Committee for judgement; our chance at being given a booth at the Broadway Farmer's Market (where we would potentially sell these salads and more).

Our inspiration was cupcakes, the look of cupcakes, but healthy and fresh and without any of the guilt.

We came up with three salads to demonstrate our culinary skills: a Greek salad (in the red flower cup), an antioxidant salad (green flower cup) with blueberries and almonds and spinach and salmon in a pomegranate-acai vinaigrette, and a Latin salad (yellow flower cup) with mangoes, red beans, corn, avocados, and red onion in a lemon vinaigrette.

The judges waxed poetic. Said our presentation was perfectly on-target.

In a week, we shall see where we stand (i.e. if we have a stand).

Sorry, even though the dressings and recipes are all our own . . . beg though you may, we won't be giving them out any time soon.

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