Exclusively at Borough Market: Heaven

Behold the toasted cheese sandwich to trump all toasted cheese sandwiches: three slices of French sourdough melding with sharp Montgomery cheddar and a piquant melange of onions and garlic - generously buttered and hot-pressed to crispy brown perfection.

The sandwich looks ethereal wrapped in its white parchment - and the taste is exalting; so rapturous, in fact, I swear, you don't even care about the calories (and I always care about the calories).

Fortunately for my waist, this temptation is only available on weekends at London's Borough market - which, somehow, only makes it better.

The heaven-purveying stall also sells something called raclette: bubbling Ogleshield scraped onto a mound of boiled potatoes and gherkins.

But while the process of making this Swiss dish is more fascinating to watch, and ought to be tried, it's certainly the celestial cheese sandwich that entices everyone back.

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