How Eccentrics Birthday Party

If you'd stumbled into Kasey's apartment during her "24-hour creative birthday slumber party" without any briefing or prior explanation the chaotic scene would likely lead you to believe you'd arrived in some sort of retro insane asylum or had become part of a trippy fantasy scene for the latest Michael Gondry film. Actually, without being intimately acquainted with the crowd present, you might still think as much even with being briefed!

The erratic night began with the dress code; everyone was to arrive in fanciful and slightly ludicrous clothing, the components of which were promptly switched with other guests' costumes at the door - then complemented with the donning an an outrageous wig.

Bosaina opted for black lipstick.

The above picture is evidence of how absurd things got: from left to right - Natalie, Bosaina, and Kasey - a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian respectively - all singing "I'm a Little Teapot" in unison.

Below, Kasey striking a "Sylvia Plath" pose with her birthday cake.

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