Disappearing Black Forest Cake

There it is, the remainder of Kasey's Raspberry Black Forest birthday cake. A single disheveled slice to represent the creation that kept me industriously busy from the evening before her birth until well into the dawning of; ambitiously tempering of hundreds of ounces of dark chocolate to form the divine chocolate cake and sumptuous chocolate mousse - finally canvasing the cooled layers with a raspberry and cordial treatment around 4 am. (Why do I always wait for the last minute for these things?)

Actually, it wasn't till I was dashing to her party that day that I managed to slapdashedly concoct the white chocolate mousse frosting, topping the finished product with some lovely cream roses that I purchased on my way home from work, that it really all came together.

But ahh, the end-result was well was worth all the late-night effort ... and within an hour after this photo was taken, this last remaining testament of my work had also disappeared.


Bob said...

I Love Black Forest Cake but I never had it with Rasberries sounds Great and that cheeses sandwich a little Tomato soup and I would be in heaven.Where are you working?

anne spice said...

Well then Bob, you absolutely must try Black Forest with a handful of fresh raspberries the next time - I actually think I'm more partial to it this way than the original version.

And yes, agreed, I believe tomato soup would have taken the sandwich from heavenly to utterly transcendent!