And Then There Was None

Not the prettiest picture you've ever seen on this blog, but there it is - my dissertation. The symbol of everything that has consumed many of my days and nights and thoughts over the past months - printed up and ready to be turned in.

And I'm left thinking: That was it?

And: Now what?

Which is exactly the thing about such large projects... you develop tunnel vision, investing so much of yourself into one thing that when you finally exit, you kind of think... Now, what was it exactly that I did before?

So, that's where I am now. Freshly out of the tunnel... looking at the infinite horizon with its unexplored and uncharted possibilities.

My, it's bright out here. But hopefully not blinding.


Bob said...

So after you get your "A" are you going to post it so we can read it?

anne spice said...

Ha! Over here we aim for a 'Distinction,' which means you scored just over 70%. (People actually come away happy with 51/100!). We'll see how it goes...

I probably will find a way to turn it into an accessible PDF and put a link for it here - for all the inquiring minds dying to read 75 pages on virtual communities (and just how slightly psychotic they are!).