London Fashion Week: Ummm... Some of the Models Look Like They're About to Cry....

So it's Fashion Week here in London, and now that Kasey's a veteran of the entire affair she's able smuggle me, pretty much the antithesis of a erudite fashionista, into LFW shows and events here and there. I think my fashion ignorance probably gives her a unique perspective on the entire scene - that fashion is not everyone's world, such that when people start whispering about the fact that some fashion celeb has just entered the room, I have to whisper back, "okay... but who IS he/she exactly?"

Our first show was 'off-schedule': Polycok & Walsh, Krystof Strozyna, and Emilio de la Morena (for those of you familiar with the Sundance Film Festival, "off-schedule" is sort of the equivalent of a film being shown as part of Slamdance). It was here that the young models seemed both ultra-nervous and ultra-skinny; like their fragile selves might fall apart under the weight of the clothes on their skeletal bodies or the emotional duress of having thousands of critical eyes peer at them as they tried to saunter gracefully down the catwalk. I was so concerned with the well-being of these poor creatures I could hardly pay attention to the new season's apparel offerings!

It got a little better after that. Our next show was on-schedule Peter Jensen, where we wandered around backstage for a bit before we finally managed to find ourselves escorted to front row seats (for the fashion uninitiated like me, the front row is exclusively for the elite - fashion editors, socialites, celebs and the like - not that either Kasey or I fall under this category, we just manage to have really good luck [and looks?]).

Today was another 'on-schedule' show, Issa, where the highlight was the fact that Naomi Campell made an appearance and confidently sashayed down the runway for the last look (shown above).

This was when I finally witnessed in-person what genuinely separates a supermodel from those girls who merely model clothes. She absolutely owned the runway - and you didn't mind it. I only managed this blurry photo, but wow... she IS fantastically beautiful, with enviable smooth skin, shiny hair, large eyes and mesmerizing cheekbones. (Check out the girl in the front row just beaming with admiration at seeing Naomi).

And what would a proper Fashion Week be if a person didn't manage invites to any of the parties?

This is Kasey and moi at Hannah Marshall's party at Bungalow 8....

... just touching up our makeup...

... before finally ending up here at the Feathers' party at The Wellington.

I may not be such a fashion person, but the party part of London Fashion Week, I can definitely do!

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