London Fashion Aftermath

For those of you unimpressed by my "fashion" coverage of London Fashion Week, I bring to you a peace offering. And in this case, I have an affinity for the models that doesn't involve pity, not simply because they look like healthy functioning individuals, but also since one of them happens to be my sister Kasey (seen above).

This past weekend, post-facial, post-procrastination, and post- a-wee-bit-of-protest, Kasey helped our friend Bosaina (the 2nd) by posing in Ms. BII's inaugural collection for her label basbousa. Find the full photo spread here.

Probably because I'm much more of a music person than I am a clothes person, I'm particularly fond of the resulting video... this is set to a great tune (Johnny Thunder's version of a A Great Big Kiss), plus watching Kasey speed-walk in heels is oddly endearing and amusing. I've pasted it below.

P.S. - Just to make it perfectly clear, in the parting shot, Kasey is NOT naked... just wearing a corset that didn't quite make it into the frame. (And that comment totally made all the guys in the audience rush to click on the clip - didn't it?)


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