Under Construction!

Well, my ceiling is covered with mold/mould (US/UK respectively) and possibly caving in, so I've shifted into my sister's flat while the bureacratic (read: slow, infuriating, and incompetent) Brits try to figure out just WHOSE problem it is to deal with:

Managing Agency to Landlord: It's YOUR problem.
Landlord to Builder: It's YOUR problem.
Builder to the flat occupant above me: Dude! Will you just STOP taking showers!

Ha! And you SO think I'm kidding. Ha! Not at all. Not a smidge.

But I digress.

I've been meaning to revamp the design of this blog, well... probably since I started it. However, just recently it's started to drive me batty each and every time I log in; I vowed once the dissertation was over it would be one of the first projects I tackled. And now it appears that both my flat and my blog will be under construction at the same time (that is, IF my flat does indeed undergo reconstruction... frankly, I'm actually more keen to just move out than having to deal with watching these wombats chase each other's tails around any longer...).

Yet, the situation is actually fairly fortuitous for the blog since my sister's flat has all manner of paints and scissors and things lying around with which a person may execute their creative visions. So bear with me; what you see now is just a hazy concept of what I plan will eventually be. (Though don't get TOO excited, my talents with markers and html really only extend so far).

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