All Good Things...

So the sisters' venture is over. After our country stint we wandered down through Bath, past Stonehenge, and then spent a few remaining days exploring London's "must-sees" (well, according to the guidebooks). It was sad to see my mom and aunt go... I think we'll all cherish the once-in-a-lifetime sisters visit. A few pics of our trip's final leg follow.


The famous Pump Room... where the fashionable of Bath have spent many an afternoon as far back as the 18th Century.

The Pump Room's Main Event: A fish fountain dispensing healthy spa water.

Care for a glass of "Bath" water?

Mmmm.... warm, brimming with minerals, and tastes like fish!

Our glasses of health: only 50p a piece.

The clear-away tray... evidence suggests most people could not bear to finish their glass of warm water with its minerally aftertaste.

Enjoying tea and finger sandwiches - some of The Pump Room's more edible offerings.

Yep... that green pool is the source of our spa water; should have known there'd be a questionable aftertaste!

Jane Austen's street.

Stonehenge...from the fence *again* - I vow that the next time I'm here, it will be before the park has closed!

Mom and LeAnn taking in the mysterious stone vista.

Taking tea in the living room at the Soho Hotel - we got so comfortable, we were here for five hours!

Changing of the Guard formation in front of Buckingham Palace - where I discovered that this rather dull and uneventful charade can actually be enjoyable (tip: arrive around 12:30... by then everybody else has gotten bored and left so it's none-too-crowded, plus there's actually something happening!)

Toy solidiers.

The most stellar department store in London (and best-kept secret from the tourists...)

Laduree Tea Room at Harrods (the least stellar high-end department store in London - and no secret from tourists) - where Mom and Aunt LeAnn had their first experience with bona fide French macaroons (the ones that have aboslutely nothing to do with coconut.)

Inside the Tower of London.

The Tower of London's Yeoman Guards - aka Beefeaters... so-called because a ration of beef from the King's table is part of their salary.

Tudor House inside the Tower of London - built for the unfortuante Ms. Boleyn, who was executed before it was completed.

Scene from our final Duo Sisters Meal in London: decent Thai springrolls (for London) at Busaba Eathai in Soho.

One of the Oldest Pub's in London... and a favourite of Dickens, Twain, Tennyson... not to mention, two random dudes who quized my Mom about religion on her last night in town... need I go on?

Our final outing: we were too late for pudding, so we merely paused to sit where literary royalty (and probably actual royalty) has sat at Ye Olde Chesire Cheese.

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