hello! it's May Day!

Kasey's back in town, as is my Mom and her sister, my Aunt LeAnn. In one day, this sister duo has already manage to cover more areas of the city than I normally see in an entire week (oh, the apathetic perils of living in a place.) I'm already utterly exhausted. But pictures follow!


May Day procession on the Southbank.

The Globe.

Tired furry friend... I can relate.

Queuing for the best grilled cheese sandwiches known to man.


Signature owl cookie at the Cinnamon Tree Bakery vendor stall... pssst... they also, without question, make the best fudge brownies in the whole of Borough.

More to stimulate the appetite with Andy Warhol at the Tate Modern.

Tea break.

St. Katherine's Dock.

Serving ale since 1545.

My Grandmother's maiden name was Kidd... could we all be this bloke's descendants?

Dinner at the restaurant/art installation, The Wapping Project.

Tree sprouting yellow bird houses - good night...

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