Encounters: Both Regal & Benal

It feels like we've driven to the very edge of the world and back during some of our countryside excursions... and mind you, Kasey, our chauffeur, has done so on the wrong side of the road with a sticky manual transition - a far from pleasant task for any driver native to the US.

But the adventure has taken us far afield and down narrow passages and to sites we'd never otherwise see. Enjoy!

Sudeley Castle - former home of one of Henry the Eighth's wives - who survived!

Peacocks roam the grounds like mobile floral sculptures: their regal presence a true mark of the household's level of nobility.

When they start screeching though, it's pretty disconcerting.

Some of Sudeley Castle's ruins... um, apparently the UK had a civil war?

Staircase to nowhere? Or just more ruins?

Tulips - my absolute favourite.

Through the hedges... the Queen's Way!

Knot garden.

The very charming Broadway Delicatessen, which packs an enormously exotic variety of goods in its tiny space.

Even if you seek a very particular sort of spice, they've got it: fennel from Egypt... fennel from Turkey...

Oh! The endless fields of sheep... when we got out and started walking among them, I just went crazy!

Who is she? And what is she looking at?

Little babes taking a romp.

Charming little cottage tucked down a very narrow lane.

The smart way to travel 'round the hills and shires.

LeAnn diving into her first (and rather successful) English pud experience at The Pudding Club: a trio of Banana-Cinnamon, Chocolate, and of course, Sticky Toffee!

Painswick church.

They say there's always just 99 trees here... even when they've tried planting another, the devil always steals it away... and still we dared to tread here.

Bah, bah, black sheep... just had to end here!

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