I declare Shunt to be the coolest, least talked about, club in London. It's one part experimental art gallery, one part spooky underground labyrinth, and a liberal dash of dance dance revolution - how could I not have ended up here sooner?

Luckily, I found myself at Shunt on Wednesday for the first time thanks to Chris, the founder of an innovative video company Invisibility, who invited me to come see his film-light-art installation about London's G20 protests on exhibition this week.

I have to say, as I wandered down a deserted tunnel towards Shunt's unmarked entrance, I wondered what exactly I was in for... but once inside, my mouth dropped. Walking into this crypt-like venue is like passing through the gates into London's underworld. The club is located in the miles of twisting catacombs that make up the underbelly of London Bridge (and I do mean, it's literally under the bridge) and there is a whole expansive maze of brick-lined, cathedral-ceiling corridors and rooms. It would be very very easy to get lost in here, left in here... possibly even become fodder for rats in here, but that's also what makes Shunt so amazingly cool.

However, be warned, you must experience this unique club while you can... yet another extraordinary novelty of Shunt is that it was always intended to be a temporary venue... you have till July 18.

Now, go forth and be amazed.

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