Milk at Mabel's Farm

After living in the country for a week, the one thing I think we'll be desperately saddened at leaving is Mabel's Dairy Farm, just down the road.

It's run by the shy, but palpably good-hearted, Sid, who has rosy cherub cheeks, a happy knob of a a nose, worn denim overhauls, and a kind quiet demeanor, which all together reminds me of the caring-to-a-fault Matthew Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables.

Morning, noon, and night we have wandered down to Sid's farm to put some money in the tin in exchange for a fresh liter of milk taken out of the refrigerator tucked inside the farm's wood shed; the sign promises the milk left the cow no more than 24 hours ago; taking a carton means you promise to leave 90p - it's all honour system. There are fresh eggs too!

It's refreshing to feel in-touch with and connected to the land and animals that provide for us. To walk down a dirt path and see the cows responsible for the milk you consume happily munching and mooing - to wave a 'hello' at the endearing farmer Sid who is responsible for your whole, semi, and a half a dozen eggs. You just don't get that at all in a city.

We'll miss it.


Genine said...

thanks for your lovely comments about my aunty and uncles farm. do you mind if I put a link to your blog on the website ive done for them? was made up to see the photos of the signs outside on the internet. i'm going down there soon to see them. you didn;t get any photos of my uncle sid then? I've sent the link to my cousin who will print out to show audrey and sid. they will be made up! thanks genine x

anne spice said...


It would be an absolute pleasure to have you use my photos and link to this blog post! I'm too delighted that your aunt and uncle will see it what we thought of their lovely farm... their fresh milk and eggs was one of the highlights of our trip!

Alas, I did not have my camera when we bumped into Sid - so no photos.

Please let me know when the link is up... and if Sid remembers those wacky American girls he ran into!