We've Nipped Off To the Country..

So the sisters have fled the city for a week in the Cotswolds. *Very* limited Internet access in these parts, but lots of fields, thatched roofs and charming villages.

Thus far, I've taken more pictures of chickens than anything else...gracious! I've tried to keep the fowl pictures to a minimum here and instead furnish you with a more varied and quintessential pictorial of summering in the British countryside.


Our so-called cottage... turned out to be a full-blown farmhouse.

At the end of our country lane.

Nearby church and ancient graveyard.

"Tut, tut - just look at her Ruth!" "I know, that Edna is always hogging the feed!"

Phone box in the middle of nowhere.

Phone box fashion shoot.

Purveyors of too-many types of animal meat - though all free-range!


Kasey at Bourton-on-the-Water... presenting us with a duck.

LeAnn chasing ducks with her camera.

Quack, quack, quack...

Check out the little motorised buggy!

Seen outside a Lloyds bank... my, how times have changed.

Popping in for a cream tea is the one standing order of the day.

Mom, checking out the country bakery.

Bourton-on-the-Water without all the people!

Possibly an abandoned nunnery?

Post-box in the wall.

Dusk on a country lane.

Just around the corner...

The original Daylesford Organic shop in the Cotswolds.

Manicured grounds at Daylesford.

Mom and LeAnn on the Daylesford 'love bench.'

Bouquet of red onions.

Purple Flowering Broccoli


Resulting Frittata.

Sitting down to a rustic homemade dinner in the cottage of organic produce and fresh farm eggs.

What was not on the menu.

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