I love you for your Green Cadillac?

Sorry, just had to throw in the song for good measure.

But the GM news is official... a symbol of American culture and nostalgia brought down. What will all the Mary Kay ladies do? More importantly, what will all the people in Michigan who were already scraping together an existence do? Sad.

Maybe this is strange, but when I learned that the bankruptcy ax had finally dropped on GM, I actively wondered what the filmmaker Michael Moore's thoughts on the matter were since he's not only been such a vehement critic of the corporation during his career, but also such a sympathetic champion for his hometown of Flint, Michigan. Well, I found my answer on the Huffington Post today. If you're also curious how Moore felt about the death of GM, you can read his reaction here.

Agree or disagree with his bombastic style, but I think surely, surely some of what he says is in the right vein. Abandoning crews of skilled vocational workers isn't just anti-humanistic, it seems that to do so would also seriously jeopardize America's industrial might.

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