Introducing....Leap - Anywhere!!!

For those of you who don't know (and I presume most of the world does not know... you heard it here first!) a most-fantastic and sure-to-be-a-smash Internet venture called Leap Anywhere launched yesterday. It's a rare sort of company that's all about encouraging people to get out and support a cause, donate to charity, or well, generally take a "leap" and do somehing "good" for humanity.

I *do* happen to know about Leap because I was priveleged enough to work on their marketing strategy, which, in turn, also meant that I was also priveleged enough to attend their launch party at Lord Davenport's mansion last night.

Goodness. Coolness. Fun. Naturally, pictures follow...

Join the site!!! And enjoy!

The dress code was "charity shop chic" - here's me and Guillaume trying to pull off our thrown-together used looks.

Me, Guillaume, and Kasey - vamping on the carpet.

Me, Malcolm (Leap's founder), Cheeky Chris, and a famous ballerina - forgot to catch her name....

In the midst of Jade Jagger's DJ'ing... we call this "modelesque."

The crowd.

Despite the fact that there were three levels of pool tables, a celeb DJ, a courtyard, AND a hot tub at our disposal, our trio possibly managed to have the most fun riding the micro 3X3 elevator... hmmmmm....

Yep, love in an elevator... take a "leap" folks!

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