Tasting London

Foodies descended on Regents Park this weekend for Taste of London, a veritable carnival of Michelin-starred restaurants doling out tiny plates of gourmet and sometimes unpronounceable dishes - and this epicurean was lucky enough to be taken to be among them.

In one afternoon I had Italian, Thai, French, nouveau Chinese, and oh, more Italian. And everything was so lovely that despite that wretched sounding combination of cuisines, I departed from the event with a very happy stomach. In fact, I was so preoccupied with enjoying the afternoon that I virtually forgot to document much of anything, however, I did capture a handful of the edible highlights.

Bon Appetit!

Queen scallops with capers and tomatoes served up in a seashell from Theo Randall - who was actually there manning his booth (note: my second in-person encounter with this friendly, down-to-earth chef!)

A "noodle box" from Asia de Cuba. Think vegetable lasagna, only with rice-based noodles and hoisen sauce - delicious!

But we saved the absolute best for last. Behold: the truffle.

Which was grated atop a base of tagliatelle and broad beans before our very eyes. Maybe it had to do with the camera, but when it came to our turn, the man with the truffle grated us an extra-generous portion!

Married together with just a touch of cream sauce, Ristorante Semplice created a very earthy, decadent heaven...

Mmmmm. For a foodie, it was one of those "die happy" moments.

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